“I've always had this dream, to offer a sensual dance class for women of all ages, even though I'm very shy. It was a challenge and one of the reasons the project took longer to get started. I had to make the effort, apply the method to myself, and then help other women with the practice.

The idea came after many trips and courses, especially after knowing the technique of “Heels,” or dancing with high heels. I realized that the market lacked a class where styles would mix, like a fusion.

I wanted to create this new style that blended these elements, allowing them to complement each other and deliver a complete dance package, working on all physical and emotional aspects, uniting body, mind, and soul - because transformation happens in a such a holistic way.

So, I started thinking about developing this on my own, discovering and filling that gap and creating the opportunity to experience that feeling of empowerment available to all students, no matter their age or level – a class in which all women could participate.

From this desire, I listened to my intuition, which told me how to mix styles fluidly, introducing “burlesque” and adding chair and belly dancing, among others. I always wanted to keep it playful; keeping in mind the need to transform the classroom into a fun environment that could serve as the perfect space for women to feel free, loose, and confident. Dance accesses aspects that our linear mind is not able to reach.

It was by testing the method first on me, experimenting and creating – and freeing myself from preconceptions – that I was able to start the creative process. Getting out of my comfort zone was fundamental, I worked on the consistency of the technique frequently and exposed myself to my own fears and insecurities.

And that is when the magic happened: I felt ready and decided to fulfill my dream of opening my first studio, becoming the creator of Feminine Fusion, a well-being technique that, through dance and different types of energy healing, supports women in their individual processes of rescue, of reconnection with feminine their energy.”