The method created by Michelle Luna Del Fuego over 5 years ago has as its primary objective to develop female power through dance.

It is through the (re)connection with yourself that women of different ages, backgrounds, styles, and beliefs are integrated with what they all have in common: the feminine power.

Dance is just a tool to reach and develop the journey of self-knowledge.

By adding different dance techniques, meditation, music and aromas, Michelle, with great sensibility, and using of the 6 senses, guides her students, and reinforces the importance of dedicating time to themselves, creating a ritual for the FF moment, based on in its 4 rules:


Meet Michelle Luna Del Fuego, the owner & head instructor of the revolutionary methodology of Feminine Fusion™.

Mi is an enthusiastic dancer with a background in psychology and MBA in Luxury Management. She began her dance journey when she was only two years old and never stopped moving.

She has explored several dance styles throughout the years including 8 years of Ballet, 10 years of Tap Dance and 4 years of Belly Dance.

All these dance styles are infused in her "Feminine Fusion" dance style, which has been changing so many women's lives. It connects women to their bodies and minds, providing an unimaginable boost of confidence.

But how did all this start? Michelle answers here exclusively for us




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  • Mood Changing Space
    Christine Fernandes
  • I discovered Feminine Fusion on Instagram and felt immediately connected and attracted to their style and philosophy. It took me almost a year to finally enroll for classes because the studio is far from my house, and I honestly wish I hadn't taken this long. My intuition about what I saw on Instagram was right: the classes are fun, sexy, and empowering. Above all, the environment is very welcoming. One of the studio's "rules" is: "Don't compare yourself", so you don't get a judgmental vibe AT ALL.
      The studio is also beautifully decorated, with super luxurious chandeliers, and a perfect blend of black, red and dark grey. Besides dancing lessons, they also offer meditation and other wellbeing workshops. I am super happy I found Feminine Fusion and their amazing team!
    Roberta Barroca
  • It’s an awesome and welcoming environment where women can feel the experience of loving themselves and finding their true self, without judgements, and comparisons.. It’s a safe space and amazing energy for everybody. You should try it!!
    Fabiola Vasconcelos
  • This place makes me feel like a woman again! full of life and great energy! Love it!
    Marcia Barradas
  • Best dance studio ever! Even if you're not in Miami. They also offer online dance lessons that make you feel like you're right there with them. This is the best environment to conect with your feminine side ?
  • Best Place Ever! I found the studio about year and a half ago and I love it. Feminine fusion is a safe space to dance, have fun, connect with your feminine energy and just be yourself! I love all the classes and the principles they share with all of us. Thank you girls for all that you do! ??❤️✨??
    María Camila Yepes
  • Never danced in my life until I found FF✨ Best place to dance, relax, connect with your feminine and to make new friends!!! The studio is super clean and teachers are amazing!!! I am so much happier and prettier after I started about two years ago. The energy there is always the best “NO JUDGMENTS ONLY GOOD TIMES”
    Marcia Santana
  • Found this lovely gem recently <3 a place where you leave all your thoughts at the door, and reconnect with your being in the present moment. A big hug to the Feminine Fusion team for all the work you do!? Thanks for creating a warm, loving, safe space? Let's bring more peace to this world ??
    Ale S
  • Best dance studio ever! You will not only go there to dance, you will become the best version of your self and meet lots of great and inspiring women. 100% recommended, you will not regret it.
    Dayana Marti


Our FF studio is a special and sacred space dedicated to women of different nationalities, ages, backgrounds and believes.

Here we do believe that women empower women.


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